Monday Distractions



A bit early for Halloween but a vintage ghost is appropriate year-round.

Check out the art of Angela Deane, adding haunt to your old photographs.

DJ 30 Indian Summer: Curried Tuna

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 1.28.04 PM

Recipe Editor Scarlett Lindeman and Hermes the Caped Cat

tumblr_nraoyp3XZz1rytqsoo1_1280Photo by brother and photographer Jake Lindeman!

Be sure to make it!

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Jay Batlle


Batlle holding “4 Martini Lunch” (2013 sculpture courtesy of the Artist, Esso Gallery, NY, Ierimonti Gallery, NY).



Unwanted visitors to Batlle’s prized pigments meet their fate. Note the Van Gogh tat.



Batlle wraps up a work while “Lobster Salad” (2013 courtesy of the Artist, Esso Gallery, NY, Ierimonti Gallery) looks on.



Jay Batlle, “Feet Of The Gods” 2014. Private Collection.



Paintings and sculpture co-mingle.



Looks familiar…



Unseen viewers sandwiched between Minimalist works and “No Beginners Luck” (2012 sculpture courtesy of the Artist, Esso Gallery, NY, Ierimonti Gallery, NY).


Batlle between “86”  2010 (left private collection NY) and “T.G.I.F.” 2013 (Courtesy of the Artist, Esso Gallery, NY, Ierimonti Gallery, NY.)


All images: Emma Mannheimer

Be sure to check out Batlle’s tumblr to see more of his work.

Don’t forget to pop by Ierimonti Gallery to see Batlle’s show “Grade Pending” opening June 9th!

Saturday Slowness

The only song to listen to today.

Also, woah:

Sylvia Plath


Self-Portrait with Sylvia Plath’s Braid

Diane Seuss

Some women make a pilgrimage to visit it
in the Indiana library charged to keep it safe.

I didn’t drive to it; I dreamed it, the thick braid
roped over my hands, heavier than lead.

My own hair was long for years.
Then I became obsessed with chopping it off,

and I did, clear up to my ears. If hair is beauty
then I am no longer beautiful.

Sylvia was beautiful, wasn’t she?
And like all of us, didn’t she wield her beauty

like a weapon? And then she married,
and laid it down, and when she was betrayed

and took it up again it was a word-weapon,
a poem-sword. In the dream I fasten

her braid to my own hair, at my nape.
I walk outside with it, through the world

of men, swinging it behind me like a tail.




Can we all have a dance affair?

It’s gonna be good


Your dear DJ staff has been working tirelessly on a cookbook that will blow your minds.

Check out #dinneratthelongtable for the goods.

Fall 2016.